Komatsu's Intelligent Machine Control Compatible with Topcon Products

Posted: 7/5/2013

Komatsu has recently unveiled their newest technology, an intelligent machine control system, at the Bauma 2013 International Fair in Munich this past April. This system was featured on the new D61EXi/PXi-23 dozer and a prototype of the PC210LCi-10 excavator for display at the fair. The intelligent machine control system features automatic blade control, integration of Komatsu Komtrax wireless system, and a factory standard Plug and Play provision which allows integration with Topcon 2D and 3D blade control systems as well as Topcon Sitelink 3D.

The new intelligent machine control system developed by Komatsu has a renovated GNSS (global navigation satellite system) receiver and control box along with an improved GNSS antenna that was moved from the blade to the top of the cab. This system allows the D61EXi/PXi-23 dozer to handle finish grading and rough dozing with improved efficiency. Unlike conventional machine control systems, Komatsu can produce highly accurate measurements in real-time that are not affected by the movements of the blade. Its integration with Topcon's Sitelink 3D management system also allows real-time data and work progress to be sent between the office and the dozer remotely for quick communication and unified jobsite management.

The Komatsu D61EXi/PXi-23 dozer with intelligent machine control was developed by Komatsu in collaboration with Topcon Corporation and is set to be released in North America in June before becoming available to other regions throughout the world. Positioning Solutions Company carries Topcon Sitelink 3D software as well as 2D and 3D blade control systems that are compatible with Komatsu's intelligent machine control system. Its revolutionary technology provides maximum efficiency, productivity, and accuracy through every machine process while ultimately reducing operational costs.