Hybrid Positioning Equipment

What is Hybrid Positioning?

Topcon's Hybrid Positioning leverages GNSS and optical positioning data for increased production and field efficiency. Utilizing Topcon's revolutionary GNSS signal processing, advanced Robotic tracking and powerful EDM performance plus Topcon's MAGNET Field software, Topcon provides seamless productivity in the most demanding conditions. Migrate easily between robotic line-of-sight measurements and GNSS when line-of-sight is disrupted. And you can do it all while reducing traversing and multiple tripod setup.

What components are required to make a Hybrid Positioning system?

Hybrid Positioning capable Topcon or Sokkia Robotic Total Station
Hybrid Positioning capable Topcon or Sokkia GNSS Receiver*
MAGNET Field, Field Layout, or Field Site software
Hybrid Positioning Module
GNSS Prism Adapter