July 2016

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  • Efficiently Surveying an Entire Stadium
    Efficiently Surveying an Entire Stadium

    Posted: 7/27/2016
    A matter of Xs, Ys, and Zs

    The Dutch city of Alkmaar is famous for its traditional cheese market, held every week in the beautiful historical center. The city has about 90,000 inhabitants. Exactly 17,023 of them fit into the city's AFAS Stadium, home to local soccer club AZ.
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  • Topcon Introduces Elite Survey Suite
    Topcon Introduces Elite Survey Suite

    Posted: 7/12/2016
    LIVERMORE, Calif., USA/ CAPELLE A/D IJSSEL, The Netherlands - June 30, 2016 - Topcon Positioning Group announces a new suite featuring four integrated solutions - three hardware products ?fused? by a single software solution - designed to provide professionals with a powerful and complete survey system. The Topcon Elite Survey Suite - which includes the new GT series of robotic total stations, HiPer HR hybrid GNSS receiver, FC-5000 field computer and MAGNETŪ 4.0 software system - provides Topcon flagship geo-positioning products and technology in one system.

    "The individual products of the Elite Survey Suite were designed from the ground up to work together seamlessly through one software solution - a first of its kind in our industry - and one representing the fastest robotic motor total station technology in the market, the smallest and lightest GNSS rover in the industry, the latest advances in field computing and the pinnacle of software capabilities," said Jason Hallett, Topcon vice president of global product management.

    The Topcon Ultrasonic Direct Drive motors available within the new GT series total station have a turning speed of up to 180 degrees per second. "It's the fastest robot on the market. The advanced UltraTrac Technology engine efficiently and dramatically increases power for prism tracking," said Hallett. "The total station is thirty percent smaller and thirty percent lighter yet still provides the highest levels of accuracy and performance. Fastest, smallest, lightest - that was our goal in building the latest GT series.

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