June 2013

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  • Topcon HiPer V and HiPer SR Site Receivers
    Topcon HiPer V and HiPer SR Site Receivers

    Posted: 6/21/2013
    Topcon has been providing high quality positioning products for construction and survey applications and earlier this year, they improved their line of HiPer GPS receivers by integrating Vanguard Technology in their new HiPer V and HiPer RS model site receivers. The addition of Vanguard's GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) technology is an upgrade to the HiPer 2 site receiver with improved signal tracking and processing capabilities. The Topcon HiPer V and the more affordable HiPer SR are available through Positioning Solutions Company.

    The HiPer site receivers from Topcon are built to provide a cable-free solution in a compact and lightweight design. The Vanguard Technology integrated into the HiPer V and HiPer SR receivers connects to 226 GNSS channels and also supports GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Compass signals with different options for internal radio, cellular, and Bluetooth communications. The system-on-chip design of the Vanguard technology allows for universal tracking of any satellite signal as well as currently planned and future satellites with increased sensitivity for precise positioning accuracy. The HiPer V receiver also features an integrated RTK and static receiver for faster positioning.

    The full UHF radio in the HiPer V gives it a long range of up to two miles with L1/ L2/ L5 triple-frequency signal support. The more affordable HiPer SR which also includes a Vanguard chipset has a smaller range of 1000 m but it can be linked with other SRs via cellular connection or the cloud to create a network that can cover a larger range. It has a completely integrated receiver, antenna, and batteries to operate cable free and connect to networks using Topcon's LongLink communication. The SR can also be used on its own for static GNSS with 226 channels and universal tracking to automatically pick up any satellite signal.

    Both the HiPer V and the more affordable HiPer RS provide superior positioning capabilities with integrated Vanguard Technology within a light weight and compact, yet rugged magnesium housing design. These receivers are each available from Positioning Solutions Company in their survey GPS products. You can get a quote on either of these receivers by requesting a quote in an e-mail or by calling us at 855-289-1772.
  • Topcon Announces New GTS-250 Series Total Stations
    Topcon Announces New GTS-250 Series Total Stations

    Posted: 6/19/2013
    Total stations are used on construction sites for accurate measurements and positioning information that is crucial to completing the job. Topcon, an industry leader in positioning technology and equipment, has recently announced their new GTS-250 series construction total stations that are designed to be highly accurate yet economical. These high-performance total stations are field-ready to handle typical measuring and positioning applications.

    Topcon designed the GTS-250 total station to be a moderately priced, economical measuring solution with a compact design. This total station is built with a durable, water resistant exterior case with an IP54 environmental rating and measuring features that can accurately map the dimensions and topography of a construction site. Its single-prism range can reach up to 2000 m or 6560 ft with 2" and 5" accuracies to choose from. The GTS-250 total station also features dual-axis compensation as a standard feature along with optical plummet, a battery, battery charger, and two displays.

    The on-board software of the GTS-250 total station allows for quick, accurate point plotting and it can be connected to most data collectors and computers. With the on-board software, operators can shoot points for adjustments or resets and store up to 24,000 points of data. This software can also connect to other Topcon field controllers that run MAGNET software using a standard interface cable to create more advanced construction layouts for more complex projects. The technological features of the GTS-250 total station make it ideal for use as a stakeout total station on construction sites as well.

    The measuring features and the on-board software of the GTS-250 total station provide sophisticated layouts for precise measurements at entry-level value. Its compact design is field-ready and economical with a rugged case that protects against water and dust and it can withstand temperatures between -4 and 122 degrees F. With the ability to quickly plot layout points in the field and connect to other data collectors for more complex layouts, the Topcon GTS-250 total station is an excellent choice for highly accurate measuring solutions.