February 2014

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  • New 3D-MC Indicate Grade System from Topcon
    New 3D-MC Indicate Grade System from Topcon

    Posted: 2/21/2014
    Traditional 3D machine control systems have been recently revamped with new technologies and capabilities for a more accurate and economical solution. Topcon Positioning Group, the leading innovators in positioning technology, have just announced the release of the i-33, their new multi-platform, 3D indicate grade system. This system boasts new features such as GNSS technology and an improved graphical display that give it an advantage over traditional 3D-MC systems. Topcon's 3Di indicate grade systems are available from Positioning Solutions Company.

    One of the benefits of the i-33 indicate grade system is that it is quick and easy to install. According to Kris Maas, manager of machine control product marketing for Topcon, the quick installation make[s] it the perfect solution for use on multiple pieces of equipment or even sharing between machines.? The i-33 can be used for any cut or fill operation on a dozer, scraper, and other earthmoving machinery on a job site.

    This system also features a new GX-30 graphical display box that makes it more accurate and cost effective than traditional systems. The GX-30 has a real time cut/ fill color map with a color coded cut/ fill indicator providing real time grade information to help eliminate over and under-cutting for accurate grades. This feature helps increase productivity and save on production costs by ensuring that the grading cuts are made right the first time. The increased productivity and easy installation make the i-33 a much more practical and economical solution for bulk earthmoving than traditional 3D-MC systems.

    Another new feature of the i-33 indicate grade system is the MC-i3 GNSS receiver with Vanguard technology. This receiver is available with a single GNSS antenna configuration for elevation or a dual antenna configuration to handle elevation and slope work. It can also connect to Topcon?s Sitelink3D site management system for onsite data control, machine tracking, reporting, and planning in real time.

    Topcon Positioning Group is the industry leader in positioning equipment and their new i-33 indicate grade system provides an accurate and economical solution for bulk earthmoving operations. The accuracy of the GX-30 display box and MC-i3 GNSS receiver help increase productivity in less time to help reduce production costs. Positioning Solutions Company provides the most cutting edge technology of the industry for a range of applications and they are a master dealer of Topcon products. They offer Topcon 3Di indicate grade systems as well as other 3D machine control options for dozers, graders, and excavators.