January 2017

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  • Topcon Announces New ES Series Total Station
    Topcon Announces New ES Series Total Station

    Posted: 1/25/2017
    LIVERMORE, Calif. - January 24, 2017 - Topcon Positioning Group announces the release of the latest addition to its ES total station series in the Americas, the ES-60. Featuring advanced reflectorless capabilities and an upgraded data transfer functionality ? the new ES-60 is designed to provide an entry-level total station option with a fast and powerful EDM.

    "The ES-60 is an excellent solution for customers looking for the dependability and accuracy of the ES series in an entry-level package," said Ray Kerwin, director of global surveying products. "Incorporating all the time-honored expectations of the ES series along with a reflectorless EDM of up to 350 m, and 4000 m with a prism - the instrument also offers a USB option for quick and easy data transfer."

    The ES-60 offers 2 and 5 arc second accuracies. "It's ideal for land surveying, topography, construction layout, foundations and exterior job sites as well as as-built projects," said Kerwin.

    Additional features include 10,000 points of memory, a battery life of up to 15 hours, dual axis compensation, a waterproof design, and a laser pointer.

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  • Topcon Announced Next Generation of Online Support and Training
    Topcon Announced Next Generation of Online Support and Training

    Posted: 1/5/2017
    LIVERMORE, Calif., USA/ CAPELLE A/D IJSSEL, The Netherlands - Topcon Positioning Group announces the launch of the myTopcon support and training site. The site - an extension of the Topcon Positioning Systems public site - is designed to offer in-depth product information and engagement resources for Topcon customers and distributors managed through the newly developed Professional Services team.

    Ron Oberlander, senior director of Professional Services, said, "The industries we serve are evolving to be very digital centric, continually turning to the Internet as a resource. Topcon has been evolving even faster with the amount of products and solutions that we offer to address customer needs and the rapidly changing technology on job sites. It is our corporate responsibility to ensure that users have information readily available to them when they need it and myTopcon is a powerful step in that direction."

    The mobile-friendly site includes the ability for users to customize their learning experience. "If a user sees a support or training article that they like, they can simply add it to their library of articles or even customize a localized training curriculum for their organization. Any number of videos, articles or documents can be added to various combinations of libraries, which can be shared inside or outside their organizations," Oberlander said.

    The previous support site is being automatically redirected to the new one. New users can sign up directly on the myTopcon homepage.

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