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  • BIM Gaining Ground in Transportation Infrastructure
    BIM Gaining Ground in Transportation Infrastructure

    Posted: 5/19/2017
    NEW YORK, May 17, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A new SmartMarket Report from Dodge Data & Analytics shows that the use of building information modeling (BIM) is increasing in the horizontal construction market. The Business Value of BIM for Infrastructure 2017 SmartMarket Report -produced in partnership with Autodesk, and with support from Deloitte ? analyzes how engineers, contractors and owners are using BIM for transportation infrastructure projects in the US, UK, France and Germany. It shows that commitment to BIM is skyrocketing among firms who use it, with 52% now reporting they deploy it on over half their projects, versus only 20% of them implementing it at that high level just two years ago. The report is available for free download here.
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  • Topcon Announces Expansion to Topcon Solutions Store Network
    Topcon Announces Expansion to Topcon Solutions Store Network

    Posted: 4/25/2017
    LIVERMORE, Calif. - April 25, 2017 - Topcon Positioning Group announces the newest addition to the Topcon Solutions Store distribution network. Griner and Schmitz Incorporated, headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, is the latest positioning distributor to join the network, which brings the total to 11 locations in North America since its creation in early 2016.
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  • Complete In-Motion Dozer Control Defines Cutting Edge
    Complete In-Motion Dozer Control Defines Cutting Edge

    Posted: 3/31/2017
    Automated grade control using GNSS signals has transformed how earthmoving contractors get work done. Through the engineering efforts of its innovators and developers, machine control technology has been improved and refined over the years.

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  • Topcon Announces New Wi-Fi Capability for Imaging Station
    Topcon Announces New Wi-Fi Capability for Imaging Station

    Posted: 3/8/2017
    LIVERMORE, Calif., USA/ CAPELLE A/D IJSSEL, The Netherlands - March 7, 2017 - Topcon Positioning Group announces the addition of advanced connectivity options to its DS-200i direct aiming imaging station. The DS-200i, now with Wi-Fi access, provides real-time, touchscreen video and photo imaging to capture measured positions.

    "The ultra-wide 5 MP on-board camera provides photo documentation in the field and can now transmit live video using either LongLinkTM or high-speed WLAN as an access point, which allows the FC-5000 or Windows 10 tablets to easily connect," said Ray Kerwin, director of global surveying products.

    "The addition of Wi-Fi connectivity offers convenience to the powerful video capabilities of the DS-200i. The system allows for non-prism measurements to be aimed and measured to remote objects - saving time without having to return to the tripod," Kerwin said. "The live video allows a remote user to know exactly what is being measured."

    Additional standard features include Hybrid Positioning functionality, Xpointing technology for quick and reliable prism acquisition, TSshieldTM telematics security and maintenance technology, and a rating of IP65 for water-resistant construction.

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  • Construction CAD Systems Grows Rapidly with LiDAR Technology
    Construction CAD Systems Grows Rapidly with LiDAR Technology

    Posted: 2/11/2017
    The ability to Identify, accept and then embrace new technologies is a hallmark of most successful business enterprises. Companies that refuse to do so, clinging to outdated practices, are often relegated to the dust-heap in favor of those who find better solutions to help them move forward. When Construction CAD Systems (CCS), a Chicago-area engineering firm, reached a certain point in their development, they recognized that a move toward a GNSS-based solution could benefit them tremendously, made that move and benefited from it. The company has continued that progression, embracing LiDAR technology?s strengths in a mobile mapping effort that sets them apart from the competition. Today, the company is one of the area?s most in-demand telecom design houses, has grown to more than 100 employees and is about to apply the CCS approach on an international scale with work both north and south of the border. Status quo does not apply here.
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  • Versatility the Focus of New Topcon GNSS Receiver
    Versatility the Focus of New Topcon GNSS Receiver

    Posted: 2/9/2017
    Topcon Positioning Group is offering a new modular GNSS receiver system - the MR-2. The system combines all current and planned constellation tracking with a comprehensive set of communication interfaces. It is designed to service any precision application requiring high-performance RTK positioning and heading determination.
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  • Topcon Announces New ES Series Total Station
    Topcon Announces New ES Series Total Station

    Posted: 1/25/2017
    LIVERMORE, Calif. - January 24, 2017 - Topcon Positioning Group announces the release of the latest addition to its ES total station series in the Americas, the ES-60. Featuring advanced reflectorless capabilities and an upgraded data transfer functionality ? the new ES-60 is designed to provide an entry-level total station option with a fast and powerful EDM.

    "The ES-60 is an excellent solution for customers looking for the dependability and accuracy of the ES series in an entry-level package," said Ray Kerwin, director of global surveying products. "Incorporating all the time-honored expectations of the ES series along with a reflectorless EDM of up to 350 m, and 4000 m with a prism - the instrument also offers a USB option for quick and easy data transfer."

    The ES-60 offers 2 and 5 arc second accuracies. "It's ideal for land surveying, topography, construction layout, foundations and exterior job sites as well as as-built projects," said Kerwin.

    Additional features include 10,000 points of memory, a battery life of up to 15 hours, dual axis compensation, a waterproof design, and a laser pointer.

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  • Topcon Announced Next Generation of Online Support and Training
    Topcon Announced Next Generation of Online Support and Training

    Posted: 1/5/2017
    LIVERMORE, Calif., USA/ CAPELLE A/D IJSSEL, The Netherlands - Topcon Positioning Group announces the launch of the myTopcon support and training site. The site - an extension of the Topcon Positioning Systems public site - is designed to offer in-depth product information and engagement resources for Topcon customers and distributors managed through the newly developed Professional Services team.

    Ron Oberlander, senior director of Professional Services, said, "The industries we serve are evolving to be very digital centric, continually turning to the Internet as a resource. Topcon has been evolving even faster with the amount of products and solutions that we offer to address customer needs and the rapidly changing technology on job sites. It is our corporate responsibility to ensure that users have information readily available to them when they need it and myTopcon is a powerful step in that direction."

    The mobile-friendly site includes the ability for users to customize their learning experience. "If a user sees a support or training article that they like, they can simply add it to their library of articles or even customize a localized training curriculum for their organization. Any number of videos, articles or documents can be added to various combinations of libraries, which can be shared inside or outside their organizations," Oberlander said.

    The previous support site is being automatically redirected to the new one. New users can sign up directly on the myTopcon homepage.

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  • Technology Steers Hennessy Surveying in New Directions
    Technology Steers Hennessy Surveying in New Directions

    Posted: 12/10/2016
    With decades of survey experience under his belt, Barry Hennessy is no stranger to, nor is he resistant to, change. He has seen the industry, the technology that supports it, and his business evolve over time. So when presented with the opportunity to employ new laser scanning technology, it's not surprising that he embraced it for the opportunities it presented. Today that technology ? first, a Topcon GLS-1000, today a GLS-1500 - is a major part of his Fort Branch, Indiana-based construction and land surveying business and has, in fact, taken it in directions he never foresaw.
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  • Dixie Construction Gains Efficiency with New Job Site Management Strengths
    Dixie Construction Gains Efficiency with New Job Site Management Strengths

    Posted: 11/10/2016
    With GNSS quickly becoming the de facto technology for efficient grading, layout, excavation, etc., the focus for many construction professionals is toward finding the best way to manage onsite assets and productivity. Companies for whom the volume of those assets is large, or the resources to manage them are minimal - or both - are looking for solutions designed to rein it all in and allow improved efficiencies and true control. For Dixie Construction, the need to do so was serious: on average the Maryland-based company can be found working 40 active projects at any given time, jobs which typically represent more than 14 pieces of iron at work. One person at Dixie is charged with heading up the entire GPS effort and after finding the ideal tool to provide the asset management solution needed, he says they are not only a more productive and responsive company, they are finding uses for the technology they never anticipated.

    Anniversary is Golden
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  • Topcon MAGNET for New High-Rise
    Topcon MAGNET for New High-Rise

    Posted: 10/7/2016
    New High-Rise Squeezes In

    With beginnings in 1636, the city has undergone war, epidemics, fires, and economic depression to grow into the state's second largest city, the region's economic hub, and home to the United States Naval Station - the largest Navy base in the world, spanning approximately 3,400 acres.

    The city's building stock and architecture have evolved. The Colonial town's first medieval English-style wood and frame construction with wide chimneys and thatch roofs were replaced in time by the iconic Neoclassical federal style architecture with elements of columns in the porticoes and classic motifs over doorways and windows, which exist today in the city's many preserved red brick public buildings and residencies.
  • Topcon Offering New Drone Mapping Kits
    Topcon Offering New Drone Mapping Kits

    Posted: 9/7/2016
    Applications include construction sites, building facades, mines and disaster areas

    Topcon Positioning Group has launched two new mapping kits for its Sirius Pro fixed-wing unmanned aerial system (UAS). The kits are designed to produce accurate solutions for automated mapping of construction sites, building facades, mines, quarries and disaster areas without regard to terrain.

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  • Plote Construction: Millimeter GPS & LPS Paving Case Study
    Posted: 8/11/2016
    Watch as the Plote Construction crew uses Topcon systems to pave a new taxiway at one of the world's busiest airport. Topcon's Millimeter GPS and LPS make the job faster, easier, and more profitable. The Plote crew is able to pave 52 lanes of concrete without using a stringline. This stringless setup lets them dump 2 to 3 trucks at the same time.

    At the heart of Topcon's paving solutions is Millimeter GPS technology - a system that brings the most accurate positions and elevations possible. Combined with the LPS robotic grader that continuously measures the position of the paver for automatic 3D blade and screed control, you get the job done right the first time, every time. Pave your way to profits with Topcon solutions on your jobsite.
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  • Efficiently Surveying an Entire Stadium
    Efficiently Surveying an Entire Stadium

    Posted: 7/27/2016
    A matter of Xs, Ys, and Zs

    The Dutch city of Alkmaar is famous for its traditional cheese market, held every week in the beautiful historical center. The city has about 90,000 inhabitants. Exactly 17,023 of them fit into the city's AFAS Stadium, home to local soccer club AZ.
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  • Topcon Introduces Elite Survey Suite
    Topcon Introduces Elite Survey Suite

    Posted: 7/12/2016
    LIVERMORE, Calif., USA/ CAPELLE A/D IJSSEL, The Netherlands - June 30, 2016 - Topcon Positioning Group announces a new suite featuring four integrated solutions - three hardware products ?fused? by a single software solution - designed to provide professionals with a powerful and complete survey system. The Topcon Elite Survey Suite - which includes the new GT series of robotic total stations, HiPer HR hybrid GNSS receiver, FC-5000 field computer and MAGNETŪ 4.0 software system - provides Topcon flagship geo-positioning products and technology in one system.

    "The individual products of the Elite Survey Suite were designed from the ground up to work together seamlessly through one software solution - a first of its kind in our industry - and one representing the fastest robotic motor total station technology in the market, the smallest and lightest GNSS rover in the industry, the latest advances in field computing and the pinnacle of software capabilities," said Jason Hallett, Topcon vice president of global product management.

    The Topcon Ultrasonic Direct Drive motors available within the new GT series total station have a turning speed of up to 180 degrees per second. "It's the fastest robot on the market. The advanced UltraTrac Technology engine efficiently and dramatically increases power for prism tracking," said Hallett. "The total station is thirty percent smaller and thirty percent lighter yet still provides the highest levels of accuracy and performance. Fastest, smallest, lightest - that was our goal in building the latest GT series.

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