New BIM 3D Layout from Topcon Ideal for Construction Use

Posted: 3/13/2014

The Topcon Positioning Group continues to be an industry leader in positioning solutions with the announcement of their new BIM layout solution, the LN-100. The LN-100 is the very first 3D positioning system that is designed to specifically handle construction layouts such as interior building infrastructure, footings, and foundations.

The goal of the LN-100 is to provide seamless integration and flow data from the design to the jobsite with easy operation that according to Eduard Falcon, executive vice president of Topcon Positioning Group, "strips away the complexity associated with advanced surveying instruments." The integration of the LN-100 with Topcon's MAGNET suite software such as MAGNET Field Layout and Office Layout contributes to the ease of operation and allows it to meet the demands of construction layout and BIM applications.

Onsite operation of the LN-100 is very simple and begins by placing the device anywhere on the jobsite and pressing the power button. As the LN-100 turns on, it self-levels and creates a 3D zone of positioning data that can cover an area of up to 200 meters or 650 feet in diameter. The smart phone controller allows for easy one man operation and can get precise measurements from anywhere within the layout zone. The LN-100 produces horizontal dimensions and vertical elevations for more precise measurements and operators can also pull up point layout and CAD drawings onsite to plot locations of designed points within this zone. Because the LN-100 can be used without looking through a lens, it can be placed anywhere on the job site.

The new Topcon LN-100 combines their laser and robotic total station technologies in an easy-to-operate tool with the accuracy and versatility needed for BIM applications. It can handle both design and layout operations and it integrates seamlessly with Topcon and BIM software. Positioning Solutions Company provides innovative positioning products and technology and they are a master dealer of Topcon products. Contact Positioning Solutions Company to learn more about the new LN-100 as well as other available products from Topcon.