Advantages of Topcon's 3D Millimeter GPS+ System

Posted: 7/22/2013

All construction jobs require a degree of accuracy but for some, like roadwork, paving, mining or airport work; the positioning accuracy needs to be precise down to the millimeter. The 3D millimeter GPS+ system from Topcon combines laser and GPS technology in one system that is ideal for fine tolerance work such as paving. This technology is patented by Topcon and provides grading accuracy that is up to 300% more accurate than existing 3D GPS machine systems.

The Topcon millimeter GPS systems consist of three component parts that work together to produce a high level of GPS vertical accuracy. The centerpiece of this system is the PZL-1 zone laser transmitter which transmits a laser wall that is 33 feet tall and can spread to have a diameter of 2000 feet. It is also possible to link up to four of these transmitters together at a time to increase the working range to over 130 feet in elevation with a diameter of up to 8000 feet. These transmitters can handle multiple machines and man rovers at once with no limit.

The other components of Topcon's 3D millimeter GPS+ system include a PZS-1 positioning zone sensor for mobile rovers and a PZS-MC positioning zone sensor for machine control systems. The PZS-1 processes the vertical information transmitted by the PZL-1 and determines the precise elevation without a moveable mast or grade rod. Data from the PZS-1 is transmitted wirelessly to the mobile rover. The PZS-MC zone sensor can be mounted to a grader or dozer in place of the machine-mounted GPS antenna to pick up transmissions from the PZL-1 transmitter. The PZL-1 can handle multiple machines equipped with the PZS-MC sensor with smart Lazer Zone technology that can distinguish between the signals from the different transmitters for continuous, high-precision measurements.

The 3D millimeter GPS+ system has many benefits that help increase productivity on the job site. One major benefit is that this system is up to 300% more accurate than standard GPS systems. The G3 technology of Topcon's system combines signals from GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo satellite systems for excellent visibility and performance even with minimal satellite coverage. Another advantage of this system is that it is a relatively low investment as this single system is useful for rough and finish grading. The millimeter GPS+ system also helps lower costs with the ability to grade to tighter tolerances and prevent material overruns.

The 3D millimeter GPS+ system from Topcon is available through Positioning Solutions Company for motor graders, dozers, dirt trimmers, pavers, and milling machines. Contact PSC to learn more about the advantages of the millimeter GPS system or to request a quote.